Welcome to the system Etička linija

Etička linija is supporting you in implementation and maintenance of internal systems for safe reporting of misconducts and noncompliance, including the cases of corruption as well.

Web based platform Etička linija is an internal system for online reporting of violations or lack of procedures, code of ethics, regulations or laws. This system is enabling reporting 24/7 and from any location. Reporting can be anonymous as well.

Internal systems for reporting of misconducts and noncompliance are a part of efficient strategy of risk management and as such should be integrated in ethical and anti corruption policies of an organization.

Warning to the users

Etička linija is not a line of emergency and do not use it for reporting events which are representing immediate danger for life or property. Reports which are made through this service cannot provoke immediate reaction and intervention. If you are in need of emergency assistance, please address local authorities and authorized agencies and services.

Every misuse of the system according to current legal provision is punishable
  • Causing national, racial and religious hatred, disruption and antipathy
  • Slander, falsification, blackmail, manipulation
  • Insulting content

Significance of Etička linija system for your organization

Internal system of reporting represents system for early detection and aversion of abuses and serves as a base for successful risk management. System Etička linija is designed for sending data and reporting on misconducts and noncompliance which is enabling the organization to act in a way that they:

Prevent the possibility of emergent of misconducts and noncompliance by detecting risk points By discovering porous processes within organization, discovering the lack of internal legislative connected to process of work in organization, discovering violations of prescribed procedures of dealing within institution. All of this represents fertile ground for creation of corruption and manipulation.

Deal with the discovered cases of fraud, bribery, dishonest work in service and other practices which are in collision with ethical principles, procedures of organization or are representing violation of laws.

Organizations are losing around 7% of their annual revenue are a result of misconducts and noncompliance. 56% of these cases are discovered through internal report systems.

Advantages of the system

  • Easy to access, safe and efficient.
  • Efficient and safe monitoring of system data, defined steps in dealing with reports, statistical data analysis.
  • Easy integration with existing applications and easy compatibility.
  • Acceptable cost and completely functional while using limited human resources.
  • Individually adjustable system to specific requirements of organization.
  • Besides, integrated function is enabling communication even in the case of anonymous report. Because of protected two way communication efficiency is extremely enhanced as well as the thorough approach in dealing with reports.

Possible variations

Platform Etička linija is available in various versions and can be individually adjusted so it is completely delivering all needs of a client. Besides the reporting system it is possible to perform risk assessment within the employees of the possible risk points detected while resolving cases.

Personalized home page with the name of your organization, logo, photographs and links of your internal procedures (Code of Ethics, procedures) and is completely adjustable to your web site with organizational colours and branding. It is also available in all language versions and alphabets.

For more information please go to netconsulting.ba, We would be pleased to help you design a solution which will be completely adjusted to your needs.

Our clients

  • Small, medium and large companies
  • State institutions on all levels
  • Public companies
  • Public institutions, organizations, funds
  • International organizations

Functioning of system Etička linija

System Etička linija is an open communication tool which is working on the principles of safety, confidentiality, transparency and neutrality. Each user of the system has a protected identity, and information is confidential.

What can be reported through this open communication channel?
Violations or deficiencies of internal regulations of organisation, as well as all acts contrary to Ethics Code, procedures and laws can be reported through Etička linija.

Who can use the system Etička linija?
Employees, managers, customers, suppliers, investors, public institutions, citizens, and other segments of organized civil society can use the system effectively.

Are there any limitations on the number of complaints?
There are no limitations on the number of complaints that one person can report. However, it is important that all reports are credible, and if possible documented.

How can I report a file?
When you open the window to submit a file, the system will lead you through the process of reporting. Through that process, it is required that you give detailed and precise information about the case that you are reporting, as names of witnesses and/or potential victims of alleged unethical or illegal behaviour. You can choose to stay anonymous while submitting a report. If you decide for non-anonymous report, your identity will be visible only to the people who are investigating misconduct and noncompliance that you reported. Everyone who receives that information is obliged to respect confidentiality to the extent possible.

Is it possible to file an anonymous report?
Yes. Anonymity of reported will be preserved. In the case that you still choose non-anonymous reporting, your identity will be known only to a person who is in charge of investigating misconduct and noncompliance you reported.

Who is responsible for investigation of reported misconduct?
A person for investigation of misconduct and noncompliance, which is appointed by the head of institution, receives a report about misconduct.

Is it possible to track the process of investigation of misconduct?
Yes. A reporter (whether s/he is anonymous or not) gets unique PIN code which s/he uses if s/he wants to follow the process of investigation. In the end, the case can be qualified in two ways: Closed, when the person dealing with misconducts and noncompliance, based on the report, concludes that there has been violation of internal regulations, rules, procedures or laws, or Rejected, when person dealing with misconducts and noncompliance, based on the report, concludes that report is not credible, or it does not fulfil its purpose due to which the system is opened.

Is it possible to update my report after I report it the first time?
Yes, the communication channel with person receiving a report goes two-way. Person dealing with misconducts and noncompliance can ask you additional questions, relevant for the case, and a reporter can additionally inform the confidant about new information. It is important that reported always uses his/her PIN code.

How long does the investigation last?
Every user of the system in the beginning defines maximum deadline for resolving a case and that information is visible to the reporter.